The 2019 USA CRITS season is coming!

Watch the 2018 season on demand:

  • Watch all of the USA CRITS Series events LIVE in the #RaceForOrange
  • Watch 20+ days of live broadcast events
  • Access previous broadcast races as Video On Demand
  • Increase exposure of your favorite teams and riders
  • Support increased prize purses and funding to teams and events


Why Pay To Join?

The cost of live streaming events for free is unsustainable for local organic events which represent the majority of great races across the country. It puts all the burden on local events to fund streaming costs. The long-term goal is to not ask events to fund any part of streaming, The sport can only grow through an increasing number of fans and a vehicle to support this growth. Unlike other pro sports, bicycle racing in America has no ticketed income source, and unlike running or triathlons, no large event participation base for funding. USA CRITS through prize money and membership revenue sharing can help change this dynamic. Criteriums are America’s most enduring form of bicycle racing. Events transform vibrant downtowns  into world class cycling arenas. Athletes possess a unique skill set that combines the skill of auto racing with the fitness of endurance athletes. Join us and watch live and on demand!

Recent Events

September 21 - East Point, GA

Spin the District Dick Lane Velodrome
Free Event
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September 22 - Tempe, AZ

MLT – Tempe Beach Park
Free Event
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